B Ü C H E R                A U T O R E N                V E R L A G               

Heidelbergensia – Bücher aus und über Heidelberg

Petra Nemethova, Julia Goedeke (eds.)

The Rabbit Hole
Fourteen Dystopian Short Stories from the Creative Writing Group
of the English Department of the University of Heidelberg

2018, kt., 112 S., 8,00 € [D], ISBN 978-3-86809-140-3

Student's price 5,00 €


The world has changed. Humanity’s very survival is threatened by war,
famine, pollution and human hybris. Civilizations fall, but it is not the end.
It is worse. Humanity survives but now has to adapt to a new, bleak reality.
Be it a society where people’s minds are controlled by sentient machines,
an authoritarian government ruling the lives of its citizens with an iron fist,
or a world where the total number of survivors is one – the stories in this
collection bring a vivid and chilling vision of a dystopian future that may
or may not happen.