B Ü C H E R                A U T O R E N                V E R L A G               

Heidelbergensia – Bücher aus und über Heidelberg

Tina Hüther, Monika Pleyer, Lusi Suris (eds.)

A Tale of Four Cities
Poems and Stories from Four UNESCO Cities of Literature

2016, kt., 128 S., 12,00 € [D], ISBN 978-3-86809-112-0

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»Loud city song, the symphony is huge and it's coming very soon.
Rise above your past lives and submit to the fugue.«
                                                (Jake Reynolds, Loud City Song)


In Tales of Four Cities, writers from four Unesco Cities of Literature
bring their extraordinary talents to the page in an exciting, insightful
and diverse collection. A Syrian refugee girl finds new hope and
friendship in her new English home. A couple tries to find peace after
the death of their son. A pharmacist wonders what might be if she
only found courage. And famous authors experience a humorous
reworking at the hands of brilliant young writers. In 21 short stories
and poems, the writers will take you on a tour of their home towns.
Tales of love, old hopes and dreams, memories and new beginnings
are deeply intertwined with the cities of Norwich, Edinburgh,
Melbourne and Heidelberg. A Tale of Four Cities is a thrilling journey
through time and space. Discover a unique perspective on the four
UNESCO Cities of Literature and their fascinating writers.